With what was probably the last dive of 2010 for me I found it hard to get to sleep last night .
Chris was due at 7.15 am, club members had emailed to say , are you mad? and my instructor had just shook his head .
The drive up started out in the dark and as the sun rose the temperature plummeted, it hit -10.5 on the way up.
Undeterred as we pulled into the car park I commented on the lack of other divers , surprised that we were the only ones there.
As we got the kit on the bottles my octopus started to free flow but I put that down to the snow and ice on my kit and assumed it would improve as we got into the sea .
A snowy trek to the shore high tide line warmed us up just nicely, a buddy check and we were into the sea.
The water was a balmy 10 degrees c with a beautiful green hue to the 8-10m vis lots of light made it easy to see the hermit crabs scuttling away below us . A bit further out from the shore and the vis started to improve, and very pretty boulder and rock formations come into view just before you hit the wall.
The wall was had its usual encrusting of gorgeous Peacock fans, anenomies and squirts we went down to 25 m and I think we saw the bottom of the wall.
A very nice swim back with another 4 bootlace worms ,one of wich was quite mobile, some fair-sized scallops for Chris’s pot, something he is going to have to look up, it looked a bit like a snow drop but obviously you don’t get them at 10m , some fairly large edible crabs and again some lovely scenery on the fin home.
We changed in the car park then into the Holly Tree for the best soup of the year so far then of home to try to beat the next wave of snow.

It was a great dive to end my first 6 months back into diving and a big thanks to Chris for his welcome skills and good company,

Hears to next year with the quote of the day as my mantra for next year;

You are not a diver unless you get onto the water.

About hamishincrieff

Male,47 and keen on diving
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1 Response to Kentallen

  1. chrishine says:

    Spicy lentil soup, absolute hit the spot. Dive was good too, cheers for the company! Chris

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