Diving the East coast up at Catterline

We met at seven at the clubhouse for what was to be a great day out.When I got there the gates were open and the boat was being prepped for the trip.
Six of us were headed for Catterline ,five from Perth and picking up one on the way in Dundee.
With blue sky and a brisk breeze we set off for the days diving in one of Chris’s student dive haunts.
On the way up we got a good view of the sea from the road ,the wind was getting stronger and the closer we got the friskier the white horses were getting.We saw a fantastic double rainbow under a clear moon, only in Scotland ??
Catterline is a bonnie wee cove.The stack in the middle of the beach looks like a giants Malteser cake. A short stoney beach leads down to a well sheltered easy entry for the rib and the Montrose dive club car park just around the corner is a great place to get kitted up.
As we looked out to sea there were plenty of seals looking back at us .
A short and bouncy jaunt down to the lighthouse brought us to a sheltered spot to get set, Chris and I went in just under the lighthouse , into a 12m wall with lots of life, a gentle drift took us through some very nice gullies,two large fog horns and some interesting looking caves.There was a fair bit of silt on the bottom so penetration was not on without the proper kit (said the actress to the bishop)
The sea state had deteriorated by the time we got back topside , the safety stop was a bit bouncy but a great dive.
All three pairs reported the same outcome all at different points so a well satisfied crew headed back for lunch.
We had a great spot for lunch back at the slip, blue sky with light squalls provided the setting.

We decided to have a look for a second dive . A quick runaround and we decided to park the rib and try a harbour dive.
I managed about 2m, at one point I could feel the bottom but I couldn’t see it. Chris got us back to the start with his compass and it’s hard to find the right words to properly describe the dive.
The pub at the top of the hill, The Creel, probably has some of the best beer in Scotland so a post dive beer set us up for the trip home.
The boat didn’t make it all the way back under its own steam ,we were asked if we wanted to sell it by some chap in a large Range rover but we decided to wait for Greenflag instead.
A big thanks to all who contributed to a great day out and I can’t wait tot do it all over again.

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Male,47 and keen on diving
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